d20 Resources


D&D 4e Character Sheet
An online, persistant character sheet. Indeed for use with D&D 4e.
Combat Tracker
Manage initiative order and NPC hit point levels.
Battle Assistant v. 1.1
Allows you to create and manage characters (or NPCs) for different combat situations. Useful for players and DMs alike.
Die Pool* v. 1.0
A World of Darkness die roller app. Works for both old and new WoD games. Default difficulty is 8, uses “10-again” and no botches.
Moon Tracking for Dragonlance v. 1.4.4
Ever had run a Dragonlance campaign and had problems remembering the moon phases? Well this app is your answer! Use for 1st, 2nd or 3rd Edition!
XP Rewards v.1.4b2
Enter in the levels of your PCs. Enter in the CRs of the NPCs. Press a button and XP is calculated for you.
Treasure Horde v. Beta 2
Treasure Horde allows you to save a treasure haul, then divide it between party memebers.
Treasureator v. Beta 1
Allows you to randomly create a treasure based on the CR/Level of the NPC.
Generate random weather for Silver Marches in the Forgotten Realms


A collection of links to online resources for Wilson's d20 characters.
Online SRD local
Go straight to the source.
SRD Download
Download a zip file of the SRD in HTML.